What are the five components of a blog system planning

What is a blog is one of our most popular articles, so you should start by reading through that article.

You will have a comprehensive understanding of what a blog is and that people from all walks of life have their own blogs.

In this article, we will look at the common components of the average blog.

Below is a screen shot of this blog.

Apart from the background, which is white on this blog, there are four significant sections to all blogs:

  1. the header
  2. the content area
  3. the footer
  4. the sidebar

The first three areas are found on nearly all blogs and are described in this article. The fourth section, the sidebar, with its widgets, can be very useful to improve site navigation and add enhancements to the blog.

However, I don’t use a sidebar on blog basics and will discuss why in a later article.

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